Have You Been Nominated?
Why doesn't Google list the best lawyers at the top of the search results?
Because Google knows who the best marketers are,
NOT who the best lawyers are!
It's Time to Fight Back!
Unfortunately for lawyers, and especially for their potential clients, Google does NOT rank lawyers according to who’s the best lawyer, but by who has the best marketing.
Your Dilemma...
If you spend your hours actually SERVING your clients & improving your skills & knowledge (as you SHOULD!), the majority of the cases in your local community will go to second rate attorneys who spend their time & money on marketing.
While the best attorneys struggle to build their practices, clients who desperately need them are poorly represented in courts all across our country.
This harmful reality had to be challenged, so Esteemed Lawyers of America LLC was established to help clients identify the best lawyers as recommended and endorsed by other lawyers, so they can make the right decision about which attorney to hire in their hour of need.
How It Works...
Step #1
To Join, you must have at least three of your peers attest to your integrity, reputation and abilities.
Step #2
ELOA® will then conduct a rigorous independent research to verify your experience.
Step #3
Upon acceptance, you’ll be able to display the ELOA® seal, a sign of integrity and peer respect.
What You Get As An ELOA® Member...
Physical Certificate
As an ELOA® member, you receive a physical certificate that shows your clients and prospects that your integrity and competence are authentic.
Personal Profile
You will be provided a personalized profile page on the Esteemed Lawyers of America® website, which includes your biography, your photo and your contact information.

Press Release
We will provide you with a press release, distributed to all major media and online news outlets announcing your acceptance into Esteemed Lawyers of America®. 
Logo Usage Rights
As an Esteemed Lawyers of America® (ELOA) member, you may also proudly display the ELOA logo on your printed materials and website.
Inclusion In Our Directory
You'll be included in the search listings on the ELOA® website, which ensures clients are finding the best lawyers in their area.

Discounted Services
As a member, you get exclusive discounts on services from top-tier digital marketing agencies, hand picked by ELOA®!
Are You Ready To Get Started? 
If so, click below to begin your ELOA® application!
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